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  •  Mon, 11 Dec 2017
    PACIFIC EDGE LITE did a fabulous job at Bear Mountain would have been proud of them.

    The West Shore Arts Council requested a small group to sing at the Westin Resort and Spa on Bear Mountain for the Sounds of Winter event.  Because of lack of space, we couldn't have the whole chorus, hence the small group.  

    Huge thanks to Lisa, Diane, Norma, Cathy, Lori, Sue G, Barb, Syd, Lolanda, Rose, Yvette and Sue Rees for doing a bang up job of the 5 x 10 to 15 minute sets that we sang yesterday.  They looked fabulous in glammed up red and black outfits and sang beautifully.

    The organizers were very impressed and look forward to inviting the chorus as a whole to another event/s in the future.  Apparently there are not many choral groups in the Westshore!!  As the song goes, 'this could be the start of something big'.

    See you all at the party tomorrow.

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